The Warmth of Her Touch


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Do you know what I miss the most, possibly more than play? Affection.

In my day-to-day life, I don’t like to be touched. I hate when strangers touch my arm in a store or someone outside my circle grabs me in a full embrace hug. I’m not rude when it happens. I just don’t care for it.

Don’t get me wrong. I am extremely affectionate. I’m just very reserved with my affection. Some things I reserve for those closest to me. Normally, that means my daughter, my closest friend, and my lover.

Lately, I miss the touch of a woman. I miss the warmth of her touch. I miss walking up behind her, sliding my hands up her body and over her shoulders while pressing against her. I miss wrapping my arms around her and laying my head against her. I miss her fingers in my hair and the fullness of her lips. I miss the soft feeling of her face in my hand when I would catch her off guard and take her mouth with mine. I miss tracing the outline of her curves with my fingertips as she laid in bed beside me. I miss feeling the weight of her body holding me down.

I miss her touch, and it’s making me feel a little empty inside.

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Beautiful Straight Males


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Yesterday, I received a lovely email from a beautiful “straight married guy”. It brightened my day. He posted a few questions and made a few statements I wanted to address.

“Not sure how to address you so I will go with Mystic?”

I’m just Mystic or mysticlez. I don’t get butt hurt over titles but if you call me something that doesn’t *fit* me I will tell you. Some things, such as pet, are reserved for only my partner.

“I am a straight married guy and am not trying to convert you to the “darkside”…”

There is a common misconception I get all the time, from men and women that when men contact me I will assume they want to automatically “convert” me. Some men have contacted me with the “you just haven’t had the right man” and it is so ridiculously laughable I just ignore them. I don’t generalize people based on one person’s actions, though. I don’t hold the view that “one bad apple spoils the bunch”. Also, my friends are from all walks of life and all genders, races, etc and all relationship dynamics. I am far more interested in a person’s heart and soul.

There is also a misconception that my being a lesbian is because of some deep seated-anger toward men or because of my past. Neither holds true for me. Some of my closest friends are men. Men tend to see me as “just one of the guys” to hang out with and bitch about women. Yes, I do find some men attractive. But beyond “he is pretty” there just isn’t any deep attraction, adoration, admiration, love, passion, etc for men.

So I am completely ecstatic you chose to follow my journey here on my blog and twitter and your email brightened my day. Thank you! And good luck with your novel.




Being Dominant Can Be Heavy


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There are tons of online groups with discussions, blog posts, and information to help submissive people recognize and cope with the fact that being submissive can be scary. Alternately, something that isn’t discussed often enough is that being dominant can be heavy.

I am not dominant. However, I am attentive, and I am blessed to belong to a community with many amazing female dominants. I see it. I catch small discreet expressions of it. The recognition and support on the impact, or heaviness as I termed it, of being a dominant is minuscule. Do you know why? Because if she is a human being with fears, vulnerabilities, insecurities, weaknesses, emotions, or doubts and she expresses those feelings openly then “she isn’t dominant enough”!

“Can I be dominant and an introvert?”

“I sometimes feel like a monster.”

“Am I a dominant? I’m shy.”

“My submissive wants me to do x and I am not sure.”

“Am I less of a Mistress if ____?”

“What if my submissive says no?”

“Am I being too demanding, needy, selfish, etc?”

“I think I am dominant, now what?”

“I’m afraid I will push too far”

“He says he likes it, but what if he doesn’t?”

Dominants have to figure out how to balance needs.

Dominants have to learn to judge their submissive boy/girls’ reactions, emotions, desires.

Dominants have to make sure not to set their submissive up for failure.

*The list is endless.*

In my career, I am responsible for making decisions that affect people’s lives using only my experience, knowledge, skill, and the information that has been given to me by the person the decision affects. The impact of my decision can be small or it can be devastating. I imagine dominance is a lot like that. Now, compound everything a dominant faces emotionally, mentally, and physically with being dominant and add the stress and problems of day-to-day life. That shit is heavy!

To all my dominant friends please know that I do see it. There is nothing I can do beyond trying to be the supportive, caring, and respectful person I am; but it doesn’t go unnoticed. You are appreciated as a person and as a dominant.



















Random Fun Tidbits


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Random funny and embarrassing tidbits about me:

1). I won’t eat mayonnaise. I associate it with male cum you see in porn videos. It makes me gag.

2). I have no desire to be a man. I do; however, have a list I made of all the funny things I would do if I had a penis. (Examples: play helicopter, play ring toss, use as pointing device, see how many donuts would fit on it, etc).

3). When I was 19 years old I danced full male drag at a gay club. The outfit consisted of short hair, breasts wrapped, rolled up socks in my pants, leather pants, biker boots, and cologne. I made over $60 and was asked to come back. I didn’t go back as drag.

4). When I was younger and started having sex I had an embarrassing fear that either his penis or a toy would get stuck in my pussy.

5). My first female crush was a school nurse. She’s now my best friend.

6). One night my step-sister and I tried to sneak out for a party. We slid out a boarded window we made. My father was standing there waiting. I ran over, jumped in the bed, and tried to pretend I had been sleepwalking.

7). I showed up on a blind date completely wasted. I thought my passenger side door was broke and tried to climb out the window. My foot got stuck. I ended up hanging upside down with my shirt over my head, breasts in the air, screaming for my friend to help me. Asshole let me hang while he was laughing. The blind date saw it. Obviously, it didn’t work out. The door wasn’t broke, it was locked. I was too drunk to realize.

8). I was interrupted during sex by the police.

9). My first restrained me to a bed at a hotel. The headboard was cheaply made. I broke the headboard trying to get my hands on her.

10). The first girl that told me she liked me I tried to be smooth and fell down two flights of stairs.

11). I tried to impress a woman at a roller rink and broke my wrist.

12). I am outspoken online and in my real life with men. I am extremely bashful and can be easily made to blush by women.

13). I rarely watch porn. My imagination runs extreme even though my kinks don’t. I once brought myself to orgasm using only my mind.

14). I was a troublemaker when I was younger. I once drank alcohol out of a Pepsi can with my friend while in the principal’s office getting suspended for fighting.

15). I talk in my sleep.

16). (Number 15). Two years ago, after I accidentally fell asleep at a fuck buddy’s house, I had a dream about a friend and said her name.

17). I have an extremely high libido.

18). I had sex at the end of a cemetery once. I straddled her in the thunderbird and when I leaned back in excitement knocked the vehicle out of park. We ran over a “no outlet” sign. Sex in a vehicle is not as glamorous or easy as young people imagine.

19). I had a sex toy delivered to my old job because the delivery kept missing me at home for my signature. I told my coworkers the package contained computer parts.

20). I absolutely hate the idea of any hair on my body. I’m always clean shaven everywhere except my arms and my head. I imagine if it didn’t look weird, I would shave my arms.

*If you like any of these find they brighten your day let me know I may do similar future posts*