I want to taste the softness of your lips, to kiss you on that spot below your ear and down your neck. I want to taste the blood of your hunger as you bite into me and I want to run my fingers across the firmness of your shoulders to that inner part of your bicep. I want to feel the hardness of your arms and the power of your hands. There! That spot right there! I want to trail my lips across every inch of your body, touching, tasting, licking, biting and wait to be allowed to do it again. And I want to be inside you, to feel that what I give you pleases you. I want to feel the hunger pulse through my body leaving me wet and throbbing. I want to worship you again and again. I want to tell you all the things in particular about your body that I leave me in awe and consumes me with desire.

“That spot right there, Ma’am, that spot right there I love because…”

I want to be desperate and begging to touch you, smell you, taste you and I want to give you that control and feel the power that you hold. I want to bleed and hurt for you. I don’t like to be hurt but I want to do it for you. That power you have unravels me and leaves me aching and reaching for you and it could almost push me over the edge. I want you to have that desperation and control it and manipulate it until the only words I can form are “please!” And I don’t know what please means. I can’t explain what I am begging for. I can’t tell you what it means because I am too far gone and only you can bring me back again. And that helplessness leaves me scared, and small, and excited, raw and open and I can’t explain to you what I need when I say please because at that moment the only thing I know is I need you. And it’s the intensity of that control I willingly offer you to manipulate and lead as you please that leaves me breathless, trembling and begging for you to take more.


*Special thanks to @49PercentGirl for helping me come up with a title for this post*