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You shove my face into the mattress and slam your cock violently inside me again. I scream out as the sensations of pain and pleasure ripple through my body. The sounds are stifled against the bed. My pussy is wet and sore. My lungs are burning. My body hurts. I am teetering on the edge.

I’m not allowed to cum. This isn’t about me; it’s about pleasing you. And I’m so close I’m scared. I can’t lose control. I want to give this to you. I practically begged you. “Please? It’s okay. I can take it for you” I pleaded to you. And I am not here. At this moment, I am not your good little girl that I pride myself in. I am just a vessel to enact your violence. I’m begging to be fucked by you and I’ve never felt closer to you. I feel small and helpless yet sexy and empowered. I feel alive. I feel on fire!

I am so close to falling over the edge and I can’t breathe. Panic sets in. Instinctively, I thrash and buck my body against you. I force and twist against your hand gasping for air. My mind is a fog. I am not sure what I am doing. The weight of your body and the cuffs that hold me offer little comfort in an escape.

“Be still little slut!” you bark impatiently. You know I’m too close.

You slow the pace of your onslaught. Your cock fills my pussy with slow determined thrusts. You are panting and your body is trembling against me. I surrender and relax my body into the soothing folds of the bed. My legs are shaking and my muscles burn. You pull your cock out suddenly sending fiery sensations through my cunt. The change in sensation is almost my undoing. Exhausted, I lay my head into the mattress and will my breathing to slow. I smile and revel in the soft feel of your silky skin pressing down on me.

The bed shifts as you maneuver your body slowly, almost painfully, to climb off the bed. I can’t see you from this angle. I listen intently at the sound of your steps. You are pacing around the room. I wonder for a moment if you’re okay but I wait patiently. Wait, are you looking for something? I…I thought you were going to let me go now. I expected you would release the cuffs to allow me to taste you; to touch you. I hoped you would caress me and smile down at me as you tell me what a good girl I was being for you. This is not what I imagined. Fear settles in as the realization hits.

“Ma’am?” I’m asking for reassurance.

I hear a faint rattling noise from the counter nearby followed by an object slicing through the air. My belt, the belt I wore only less than an hour ago, bites into my flesh. Not once. Not twice. Four deliberate times. Each strike is harder than the first and each one landing with a vicious snap across my back and ass. I scream and try to recoil. I try desperately to get away and shield my body from the blows. I have nowhere to go. I’m terrified and excited. And I want you inside me.

“Shut. The. Fuck. Up!” Your voice trembles. You are struggling to hold back.

My body shakes uncontrollably. “It’s okay,” I manage to whisper.

I breathe a small sigh of relief at the thud of the buckle as the belt drops to the floor. Quick, determined steps, as you cross the room and come to a halt near the head of the bed.

“I know what will shut you up”. You’re smiling again. I hear it in your voice. And the threat of your words ignites the aching and wetness between my legs.

You move around the bed, slow and determined, undoing each cuff one at a time. My arms hurt. I grasp and massage my left wrist with my other hand. I try to force each arm to bend and straighten. The muscles in my arms scream in protest. Before I can regain much composure; though, your fist is in my hair again. You jerk my head forcefully dragging my body off the bed. I throw my arms out in a panic. I try to grasp at the bed, at you, at anything I can reach to keep from falling. You tighten your grip in my hair and jerk my head side to side. You maneuver and manipulate my body until my knees come to a painful thump against the floor. The plush ocean blue carpet provides little padding. I’m on my knees in front of you, dazed and off-balance.



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