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I sat in my car hidden in the dark corner of the parking lot staring out of the winter frosted windows. I listened as the laughter and voices faded into the distance. I waited for the thud of the door to signal they had gone back inside. I checked the mirrors and glanced around. Finally, I am alone, except for one silhouette that stood just outside the door under the lamp. It is a man. He is tall and slender and smoking a cigarette; completely unaware to my presence. I am parked too far away. At least, I don’t think he can see me. The darkness is comforting. It is my protection.

“Just stay over there,” I tell him in my mind.

My mind plays out the images from earlier over and over again. I don’t see them; though, I see us. I crave to experience those things with her. The cold air tingles against my skin but inside I am burning up. My heart is pounding violently against my chest and my skin is super sensitive. My cunt is wet and throbbing. I am desperate and aching. And I see her in my mind. I can feel her, standing over me, dangling me from her fingertips.

“Please, stay there,” I say again to the figure under the light. I am scared someone will see but I am so fucking desperate I don’t care. There is no way I can stand to wait until I get back home.

I lean the seat back a little and close my eyes. I slide my hand down inside the top of my pants and let out a gasp. I am so fucking wet. My clit is hard and swollen. I gently rub my fingers against my swollen clit. I am so close it won’t take long. And I am trying to listen for movement but my mind and body have become one big mess. I see her in my mind and I feel her. My fingers are her fingers. I rub my clit harder and faster tightening the muscles in my legs as I get closer. I dig my fingers into the car seat and push my head back. I think I am moaning and I pray no one can hear me. I arch my hips up in the seat and can feel the steering wheel press into them as the waves of my orgasm rock through my cunt.

Fuck! Yes! Fuck, please, Ma’am.

I move my hand away and close my legs together. I wait until my breathing slows to normal and my body stops trembling before raising my seat back up. I start the car and turn on the heat. I message her before finally driving out of the lot. I notice the man is gone. I can feel the heat in my face as I blush furiously and pray yet again that he was unaware of my car antics.